Saturday, May 18, 2019

Travels: Our Top Ten Favorite Countries

Well, we do travel a lot.
And after awhile, you come to have favorites.
Our favorites are based on people, attractions, significance, food, fun, history and overall appeal.
Here are our ten favorite countries so far:
10) Australia. The Land Down Under will lift you to new heights, guaranteed!
9) New Zealand. Simply one of the most beautiful places on earth! Great if you like high adventure.
8) England. The world's most civilized nation -- most of the time, anyway.
7) Israel. One of the world's youngest countries is now also one of the most amazing. Rich in culture, heritage and history.
6) Spain. Take lots of time with it. It's big, with many layers, terrains and memories to last a lifetime.
5) Poland. The immense love of the Poles for their nation shows through everywhere. Great value, memorable images and appreciative people.
4) Ireland. It's fifty shades of green (see above) with the nicest, friendliest people in the world.
3) Portugal. Surprisingly appealing. Many more attractions than you might imagine and quite economical, too.
2) Italy. The people, the atmosphere, the history and the food. You can't top it!
1) The good 'ole USA: Pretty much anything you could see anywhere else you could see right here. And it's the most up-to-the-minute, most accommodating nation on earth. Endlessly fascinating even for those of us who call it home. .
An addendum: We would have added France to this list but our travels there were most limited to Paris and environs, so it really doesn't qualify just yet.

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