Monday, June 24, 2019

Can Camden Survive The Norcross-Murphy Feud?

Watch as Dan Cirucci chats with Camden County Freeholder and DRPA Commissioner Jeff Nash and gains new insight into the open warfare within the New Jersey Democratic Party and its implications for the City of Camden. 
When a true Camden native ad a certified Camden booster get together . . . well -- watch, learn and discover!

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Phil Cohen said...

Interesting interview. I am no fan of George Norcross and his organization, which had no problem in parcelling out patronage and positions in Camden to the City Democrat organization, of which no good can be said all. Far too much money has been made by the local political aristocracy for anyone with any integrity or awareness of what has been going on to be fully on board with the Democrats in Camden or South Jersey, HOWEVER.. and it is a big however... Murphy and his program is thoroughly toxic and not at all in the interest of pretty much all of South Jersey, let alone Camden.

This is one of those times when the interests of the average taxpayer in Camden and beyond, and those of George Norcross and his confederates are in line with each other.... this in my humble opinion has usually not been the case. For what it's worth, Camden's residents and the rest of average South Jerseyans are best served now by the devil we know, and that is George Norcross.

NOT that we really have all that much say in the matter, especially in Camden County. The same people, barring retirements or being moved into other positions that have been running Camden County for the last 30 years will be running it for the next dozen plus.