Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Fighting For Women, Farmers, America . . .

Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump met with a group of bipartisan lawmakers on Capitol Hill today, previewing a new initiative from the Trump Administration to boost the role that women play in global peace and security processes.

When women are involved in peace negotiations, important issues that help societies recover from conflict are more likely to be considered. In fact, research shows that peace agreements have a better chance of succeeding if women participate. Societies that empower women economically and politically are also more stable and peaceful, while those that marginalize women are likelier to experience regular conflict.

President Donald J. Trump believes in policymaking that gets real-world results. His Administration’s new plan—the Strategy on Women, Peace, and Security—will help enhance women’s participation in resolving conflict, countering violent extremism, and building peace and stability. It's both a moral imperative and smart foreign policy.

The new strategy implements the Women, Peace, and Security Act signed by the President in 2017. President Trump was the first world leader to sign standalone legislation on the topic—making the United States the first country in the world with a comprehensive law addressing women, peace, and security.

That effort coincides with work already underway by the Trump Administration to empower women and girls across the globe. In February, the President signed a memorandum launching W-GDP, an initiative led by Ivanka Trump that seeks to empower 50 million women economically across the developing world by 2025.

How President Trump is supporting women’s political empowerment globally

The Wall Street Journal: Ivanka Trump Pushes Initiative to Give Women Bigger Role in Global Peace Efforts

Getting Washington out of the way for farmers

In Iowa earlier today, President Trump signed an executive order that will lift a major regulatory burden off of America’s farming community.

Biotechnology has been used by our farmers for decades to produce safer, more sustainable crops. But Washington often has a way of making things more difficult than they should be. For years, agricultural innovators have been shackled with a regulatory maze that can take more than a decade to navigate. Far removed from America's heartland, politicians like to tack on regulation with little regard for the hidden costs.

Effective immediately, President Trump’s executive order will direct the U.S. Department of Agriculture to streamline the entire biotechnology approval process—giving our farmers much-needed certainty about the important work they do.

Watch President Trump discuss renewable energy in Iowa.

More welcome news: The Trump Administration approves year-round sales of E15

Video of the day: The 2019 Indy 500 winner

Yesterday, President Trump welcomed Indianapolis 500 winner Simon Pagenaud to the White House. Last month, Simon became the 103rd champion of the historic race.

With the No. 22 Indy car parked on the South Lawn, President Trump congratulated Pagenaud along with Team Penske. “The job that Simon did, if you saw that—that was talent and it was a lot of courage,” the President said. 

Photo of the Day

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead 
Marine One with President Trump aboard lands at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, en route to Iowa for an event on renewable energy | June 11, 2019 

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