Thursday, June 13, 2019

He Can Run But He Absolutely Can't Hyde . . . .

And now, a very special message from

Joe Biden is a: 

a)  shameless politican
b)  public scandal for the Church
c)  gutless coward
d)  all of the above

You know the answer. 

Joe Biden has made it official: he now supports taxpayer funding of abortion. 

Three weeks ago, the former Vice President told an ACLU activist -- on camera -- that the Hyde Amendment had to go. But early last week, his campaign backpedaled and insisted he actually still supported the policy which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortions (with exceptions). 

Remember Biden voted for this policy every year that he was in the Senate. In fact, Biden was even instrumental in saving the Hyde Amendment in 1993 -- when it was most in danger. 

But by the end of the week, he sold out. Folded like a cheap suitcase. And sold any moral decency he had left for the dirty money and support of the abortion industry. 

Let’s make sure every Catholic voter knows about Joe Biden’s full-throated support for abortion! 

JOE BIDEN LOGIC: Catholic writer Stephen White pointed out: “Joe Biden has arrived at the most monstrous of all positions on abortion: As a faithful Catholic, I personally believe abortion is the unspeakable crime the Church says it is; also, vote for me because I'll make sure to use government to fund that unspeakable crime.” 

Terrible policy. And terrible politics. 

Taxpayer funding of abortion is a horrible, reckless, and immoral policy. Even a 2016 Harvard Public Health/Politico (hardly conservative) poll showed that 58% of Americans support the Hyde Amendment.  Which is why for several decades, Democrats who supported legal abortion begrudgingly accepted a policy that prevented Americans who abhorred abortion from having to pay for it. 

Not any more. That consensus is now over. 

Today’s Democratic Party has fully embraced abortion for all nine months of pregnancy -- and beyond -- at taxpayer expense. 

HYDE WORKS: The Hyde Amendment is great policy. Studies suggest that it has saved over two million lives. That’s the equivalent of the entire state of New Mexico -- lives saved by this simple but effective political compromise. 

So here’s the deal: 

Joe Biden has made clear to Catholics he cannot be trusted on the most fundamental issue of all -- protecting human life. And an overwhelming majority of Catholics, let alone Americans, oppose this extreme policy. But someone has to get the word out and hold him accountable. 

This is what CV was founded to do. 

Our creative team is working on new ads set to roll out this week. Our goal is to reach every Catholic voter in the top 10 key states. 

Can you chip in and help? 

Let’s make sure every Catholic knows the truth about Joe Biden! 

Help us get the word out. 

Brian Birch, President, CatholicVote

P.S. Surprise! The new unmasked Joe Biden confirmed that he’ll be speaking at a Planned Parenthood candidate forum next weekend in South Carolina. Our team will be recording everything. Now that he’s caved, we expect him to go “all in” for abortion. 

Catholic voters everywhere deserve to know the truth. 

Chip in here to help us get the word out. 

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