Wednesday, June 26, 2019

These Stories Tell It Like it is!

“Democrats are finally acknowledging the border crisis they claimed didn’t exist, yet many still want to deny aid to suffering migrants. It’s beyond cruel,” the New York Posteditorial board writes.

“Humanitarian aid should be a top priority. If Dems truly care about the conditions of migrants packed in squalid facilities, they’ll back funding to address those conditions even if some of that money might go to enforcement.”

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“Peace in the Middle East can only be achieved if it comes with a pathway for people to improve their lives, US President Donald Trump’s top adviser Jared Kushner said in Bahrain on Tuesday, in explaining why his team is rolling out the economic chapter of their Mideast peace vision before the political one,” Herb Keinon reports for The Jerusalem Post. “While politicians pay lip service, the world moves forward and the Palestinians continue to be left behind,” Kushner said.

“There is a crisis on the southern border of the United States. Customs and Border Patrol agents are being overwhelmed by a surge of families seeking asylum. Border facilities do not have the necessary resources to care for the immigrants in many cases and conditions are sub-standard,” the Boston Herald editorial board writes. Congressional Democrats complain—then stonewall the Administration’s push for humanitarian aid. “It is astounding that a political party so loudly aghast at US-run ‘concentration camps,’ does not feel strongly compelled to legislate them away.”

“Two US soldiers tasked with helping safeguard the US-Mexico border rescued a woman and . . . her child Thursday, saving the migrant family from drowning as they attempted to cross into the country,” Ryan Browne reports for CNN. One of those soldiers, Army Staff Sgt. Michael Mathews, “jumped into the water to rescue the woman and her child, while 1st Lt. Samuel Mueller used his shirt as a makeshift lifeline until [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] agents arrived and threw them a rescue line,” a statement from the U.S. Northern Command read.

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