Tuesday, June 18, 2019

It Really Is A Phenomenon Unlike Any Other!

Look at the crowd at President Trump's campaign kickoff rally in Florida tonight.
Just look at it!
Every major Trump rally is like a full-fledged political convention except that the seats are filled with ordinary, tax-paying American  citizens instead of lobbyists, politicians and party hacks.
Imagine this -- a true political movement and a phenomenon unlike any other, composed of the people themselves.
"We the people," indeed!


Unknown said...

Donald Trump is the peoples President.

Unknown said...

IT IS AWESOME!! What I fear is after, Trump, what happens? We go back to the same crap we have been living with? I would love to see him stay, as long as we see improvement in our government and our country, there is no need for anyone else. Ok power corrupts. But not so with him. He has all the power he needs. Had it before he became President. Not so with everyone else in gov. That is not what he is looking for. I have NEVER gotten into politics in my long life, but if not now, WHEN??? Sorry I know there are many of us who feel this way. Our young people have been lead by the nose to the wrong conclusions. We need to guide them back to reality. WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, AND GET. Don't look to others to give you handouts. Respect is so lacking in this country among other things. Ok, I'm done. I could talk forever about what is wrong and lacking in this country, but I would rather talk about what's right. President Trump is RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately he will have to leave for the GOOD LIFE of a Multibillionaire!!!
But he alone has Shown America the Way Back to What Made America Great!!!
Strong Military..
Promises Made
Promises Kept...
2nd Chances
Right to TRY...
Border Security
American Sovereignty..
America and Americans First!!
Buy American for Americans!!

Anonymous said...

We need to take back the Congress and end the retirement home MENTALITY that has been going on there for years and send Nancy Pelosies ass home

Unknown said...

My hope is that he has a recommendation as to "who's next"! Surely he would choose someone like him and not like "them".