Sunday, December 22, 2019

A Christian Answers The UNchristian 'Christianity Today'

You may have read that a publication called Christianity Today has called for President Trump's removal from office.
We won't go into the details of the editorial that Christianity Today ran because they really aren't that important. Suffice it to say that the publication's attack on President Trump really wasn't very Christian.
Like many, many others, our friend Cliff Barnes was, a good Christian himself, was so put off by the publication's stance that he wrote them the following letter:
What's immoral is stating something as fact that at best hasn't been proven and at worst is provably false.
Your article gives aid and comfort to those who would do away with Christianity instead of supporting an imperfect ally to Christians.
Putting your trust in others who hide their imperfect character but are on the wrong side of issues is not preferable to putting your trust in someone who doesn't hide his imperfections but is on the right side of issues.
We are all sinners. None of us are perfect. We don't have a contest for leaders we think are most moral but instead we elect leaders who we believe are right on the issues.
Not only is Trump right on the issues but he did nothing that is impeachable. If you don't see that and the unholy conspiracy against him, then you're intentionally not paying attention to the full story. Calling for his ouster, as my mother might say, is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Cliff was one of the first people, way back when, to alert us to the alarming influx of illegal immigrants into our country. He was actually ahead of President Trump and ahead of many of today's most vocal critics of open borders. Cliff saw all this coming.
He also sensed that there were more people like him who saw this and he didn't hesitate to speak out about it early on.
We must admit that we were not as attentive to the growing threat of illegal immigration as Cliff was. So,  we're pleased to run his letter to Christianity Today but also point out his foresight. We feel it's the least we can do.

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