Monday, December 30, 2019

Unusual New Year's Eve Midnight 'Drops'

The Times Square Ball Drop is a New Year's Eve tradition -- a dumb tradition, but still a tradition.
But did you know that many other cities have their own midnight "drops" on New Year's Eve?
No joke. Here is a list of some of the other drops:
Raleigh, N. C. - Acorn drop
Carlisle, PA - Car
Miami - Orange
Kennet Square, PA - Mushroom
Atlanta, GA - Peach
Bethlehem PA - Peeps (yes, those funny marshmallow chicks)
Marion, Ohio - Popcorn
Harrisburg, PA. - Strawberry
Orlando, FL. - Orange
Winter haven, FL. - Lego brick
Indianapolis, IN - Indy car
Eastport, ME - Sardine
Frederick, MD - Giant key
Princess Anne, MD - Stuffed muskrat
Traverse City, MI - Cherry
Niagara Falls, NY - Gibson guitar
Elmore, OH - Sausage
Lebanon, PA. - Lebanon Bologna
Hilton Head Island, SC - Golf ball
Folly Beach, SC - Flip flops
Fredericksburg, VA - Pear
New Orleans, LA - Fleur-de-lis
Bartlesville, OK - Olive
Nashville, TN - Musical note
Plymouth, WS - Cheese wedge
Flagstaff, AZ - Pine cone
Boise, ID - Giant Potato 
Las Cruces, NM - Chile pepper
Prescott, AZ - Boot
Temecula, CA - Bunch of grapes
And my two personal favorites:
Mechanicsburg, PA.. - Wrench (Whoa - Watch out when that wrench drops!)
Dillsburg, PA.. - Pickle (Beats me why anyone would celebrate a "pickle drop" or droop.)
Groundhog Day. And strawberry, car, wrench, mushroom and pickle drops. The Mummers. Something about Pennsylvania seems to attract sometimes silly, faux-folk customs.

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