Saturday, January 9, 2021

Amidst Growing GroupThink, Some Sane Voices . . .

“. . . the media, which sowed the wind all year long with loose talk about riots, did far more to bring down the whirlwind on Wednesday than Trump did. When you argue for months and months that there’s nothing wrong with rioting or mob action or fighting with the police, and that we have to try to understand the rioters and their complaints, don’t be surprised if a certain segment of the population takes you at your word.”
-John Daniel Davidson, writing in The Federalist.

"The U.S. Capitol and its occupants are no more sacred than Main Street and its residents. Congress should remember that. The rioting wasn’t at all acceptable, but at least the protestors took their grievance to the source."
-David Lewis, in a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal

"It never occurred to people that the tech corporations would be just as biased [as traditional media] only with even more power.  We currently have a situation in which the president has no avenues of communication because corporations have silenced him.  Joseph McCarthy was a piker compared to today's Democrats."
Andrea Widburg, writing in The American Thinker


hile Trump behaved with characteristic self-absorption, the hypocrisy of the mainstream press and of many Democratic politicians in responding to the January 6 storming has been patent. These are the same people who have either ignored the destruction of federal property and the desecration of national monuments over the last year or glorified that mayhem in the name of racial justice. Speakers at the Democratic National Convention stayed silent about the anticop riots (“mostly peaceful protests”) leading up to that convention.
"The media and political elite’s self-righteous rhetoric now, calling on Wednesday for a swift police response to the Capitol intrusion, comparing it hyperbolically to Falluja and Benghazi, asserting, as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow did, that “nightfall is when Trump rioters become violent”—as if the one-off Capitol violence were as routine as anti-police riots—is laughable."
Heather MacDonald, writing in City Journal

Not only does cancel culture exist — it is the means through which the powerful, unaccountable oligarchies of the internet era and their clueless cheerleaders in the liberal elites interfere in the democratic process and purge voices they disapprove of. That’s what Twitter’s permanent suspension of Donald Trump confirms. The new capitalists’ cancellation of the democratically elected president of the United States is a very significant turning point in the politics and culture of the Western world. We underestimate the significance of this act of unilateral purging at our peril. It demonstrates that the greatest threat to freedom and democracy comes not from the oafs and hard-right clowns who stormed the Capitol this week, but from the technocratic elites who spy in the breaching of the Capitol an opportunity to consolidate their cultural power and their political dominance.
Brendan O'Neill, writing at Spiked

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