Saturday, May 1, 2021

Act NOW To Save Columbus And Columbus Day!


Save Our Heritage With One Click
The federal Columbus lawsuit filed against the City of Philadelphia and Mayor Jim Kenney garnered national headlines in early April, but now’s the time to turn up the pressure.

A victory in this federal lawsuit would create a legal precedent that protects Columbus holidays and landmarks across the nation.

Click “Save Columbus” below and make your voice heard by sending an email that we’ve prepared to Philadelphia’s and Pennsylvania’s elected officials. 

Best Regards,
President Basil M. Russo
Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations

Robert Ferrito
Save Columbus Committee, Chair

Rob Petrone
Sub-Committee Chair

Frank N. De Frank, M.D.
UNICO National, President
COPOMIAO, Vice President

Bernard A. Costanza
Central Pennsylvania Lodge #2651 - OSDIA, President 

Albert M. Greto, Esquire
Societa DaVinci, President

Jody Della Barba
Lawsuit Plaintiff and 1492 Society Secretary 

Charles Pisano
State Lodge of PA OSIA, Central Region Vice President

Larry Giacchino
Societa da Vinci of Delaware

Don Sabatini
President of Philadelphia Chapter of UNICO

John Patane

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