Wednesday, May 12, 2021

An Open Letter To Notre Dame University . . .

Good afternoon:
Can someone please explain to me why Notre Dame, a Catholic university, invited Joe Biden to give the commencement address this year?
Joe Biden -- A "Catholic" who supports partial birth abortion, abortion on demand, abortion up till the time of birth and, presumably, even moments after birth. 
Joe Biden -- who has restored government/taxpayer funding of abortion full throttle. 
Joe Biden -- who thumbs his nose at settled Catholic teaching and doctrine, laughs in the face of Holy Mother, the Church and creates a scandal by his brazen and imperious defiance of the gospel itself, as it relates to abortion.
Joe Biden -- who seems to reduce Catholicism to carrying a rosary in his pocket, sort of like a good luck charm.
Can you explain why you would honor a man like this by inviting him to speak and giving him a platform at such a prestigious event at what is, arguably, the nation's pre-eminent Catholic university?
And please don't send me a canned, homogenized response full of politically correct code words.
PLEASE don't do that -- not while America's Catholic bishops are considering chastising Biden and denying him communion.
Dan Cirucci


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