Wednesday, May 12, 2021

In Bidenville, The Problems Are Piling Up!

 A very wise and perceptive facebook friend writes as follows:

1. As Israel is attacked, Biden is silent. Is he napping? Or is he unconcerned with the country he didn't call, you know, the one filled with "shylocks," a word no one has used in 500 years--except him. Where is Kammy? Still redecorating the V.P.'s mansion?
2. Gas prices soaring and now gas shortages. From energy independence to shortages in 4 months. Enjoying this?
3. The invisible President--unless he's making a fool of himself losing his train of thought at every single appearance.
4. The Japanese Prime Minister came--and was greeted by Kammy, a first in American history. Where was Joe? What did Psaki have to say? I QUOTE, "They even had a meal together."
5. Joe can't handle calls to foreign leaders so they let Kammy do it and the guffawing wasn't well received so now no one calls anyone.
6. Huge unemployment rates--not because there are no jobs, but because no one wants to work. Is the lack of a work ethic what you want for your country?
7. Border crisis is completely ignored by simply saying it's not a crisis. How many of those kids are YOU taking in? You wanted them. There they are. What are YOU doing to help? I'm donating to the AMERICAN hungry and homeless.
Did you think for a single second before you voted? Is any of this what you wanted? Is this the road you want your country to go down? In an election, you have to choose. You may not like any choice but it is what it is. How many of you chose this CLEARLY DEMENTED, BIGOTED, CROOKED FOOL WHO ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING IN HIS LIFE over a buffoon who actually accomplished things? Well this is what you got. Are you proud? Do you feel secure? Are you complicit? Are you better off than you were 4 months ago?
There! I said it! Have a great day. Don't waste gas!

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