Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Gov's Speech 'Disheartening' Amidst 'Failed' Policies

New Jersey State Assemblywoman Victoria Flynn and Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger (Monmouth-R’s) offer the following comments in response to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s annual State of the State address:


“It is rather disheartening and, quite frankly, infuriating to suggest every family can live the ‘American Dream’ when we have failed to address the core issues that concern New Jersey residents - affordability, education funding and public safety,” Assemblywoman Flynn stated. “For instance, Governor Murphy talked about the State leading in education, but he has failed to provide adequate funding for districts to fulfill this mandate. At a time when schools are dealing with historically low test scores and teacher shortages, many districts are trying to do more with less to combat academic losses among students, growing mental health needs and astronomical surges in health care costs. The idea that the State increased its funding for education in the last 5 years is a false narrative because it fails to account for the lack of capital to support pandemic recovery efforts by schools. It also ignores the reality that the Governor himself cut funds from districts throughout the State.”


“Noticeably missing from the Governor’s State of the State was any reference to a successful plan addressing the learning gaps that exist in our children’s schooling - because the State has failed miserably in this regard. The Governor says that his funding in education provides tax relief, yet all our tax bills, health care and overall high costs of living prove otherwise.”

“We sat and listened through a narrative being told by Governor Murphy that could not be further from the dim realities facing New Jersey as well as every single taxpayer. His attempts to impart positive imagery to shroud his disastrous, failed policies is an insult to residents and small businesses of the Garden State who struggle to make ends meet because of how unaffordable N.J. has become. We have the highest property taxes in the nation and ranked 50th overall in business climate – this will not be corrected without real action,” 
Assemblyman Scharfenberger said. “The Governor should stop marketing himself for national audiences and instead get to work to solve the issues facing the state. Crime is through the roof, healthcare costs are skyrocketing and schools are seeing historic funding reductions yet nothing is being done. His posturing in front of the legislature is completely disingenuous and offensive to our constituents. Enough of the grandstanding for his future political aspirations – it’s time he focuses on the job he has instead of the one he wants!”

“The Governor referenced a need for greater bipartisan efforts to solve problems facing New Jersey, so I am hopeful he will sign the car theft bill package introduced by Gerry [Scharfenberger] and me because, as he indicated, this will be a top priority of his administration in 2023. We must reverse the damage caused from years of policies that weakened the ability of law enforcement to protect our communities,” 
continued Assemblywoman Flynn. “People in New Jersey have the right to feel safe in their home and currently - they don’t. I have always been committed to working with my colleagues in the Assembly to do the work that our residents demand we do. There is no place for partisan policies when it involves our children’s future and safety of residents. ”

“From taxpayers to retirees, schools to law enforcement – Governor Murphy has acted in opposition to providing real solutions. It is disappointing, we are elected to represent our constituents and be their voices in State Government. It is highly unfortunate that the Governor has forgotten that,” 
Assemblyman Scharfenberger added.

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