Sunday, January 15, 2023

The 'WowWowWow!' Factor Of American Dream

We took a quick trip up the New Jersey Turnpike to American Dream in Secaucus. American Dream is a vast entertainment/shopping venue and it's really quite spectacular.

It contains an ice rink, theme park, aquarium, water park, Lego Discovery Center, miniature golf attractions and a ski mountain with ski lifts where you can ski, snowboard or sled. And all of this -- all of it --is indoors! And don't for one minute think that any of this is miniaturized to fit under a roof. It's all vast. The water park aloe is the largest in North America. The Nickelodeon theme park has a single entry fee that allows you to spend all day riding as many rides as you want as much as you want. And similar options are available for most of the other attractions. And there are plenty of stores and eateries too.

The whole thing is one WOW! factor after another. And the place is not nearly finished. There's plenty of room for more stores and more attractions. We found it easy to get in and out of and relatively easy to find out way around once we got inside. And there are plenty of guides and assistants to point you in the right direction should you get lost.

Enjoy the photos. But, remember: these don't even begin to express the capaciousness of this place!

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