Friday, January 13, 2023

Legislators: Halt NJ Offshore Wind Projects!

New Jersey State Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger and Assemblywoman Victoria Flynn (R’s - Monmouth) are calling for an immediate halt to offshore wind development projects pending an investigation into whether they are causing damage to marine wildlife in light of the sudden whale deaths along the Jersey Shore.


The 13th District Legislators are joined with State Senator Vincent Polistina (R – Atlantic) and Congressman Jeff Van Drew (R -CD2) in calling for this action:


“We join with our fellow legislators at the State and Federal levels in calling for an immediate, emergency moratorium on all offshore wind turbine developments until we can have scientific assurances that these projects are not harming vital fisheries and our marine ecosystems along New Jersey’s coastline.


Our concerns have grown exponentially with each report citing another whale washing ashore. The sensitivity of sea life to electromagnetic fields as well as disturbances in migration routes is astounding. Until we know for a certainty that these new wind turbines are not harming marine animals – we must halt any and all projects to ensure against further harm.


A delay in doing so could have drastic consequences to wildlife both on and off the shore as well as to our historic commercial and recreational fishing industries which rely heavily on a healthy oceanic ecosystem.”

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