Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beautiful Berkshires Beckon, Blossom, Beguile

We've often found that the mountains can be just as enhancing and every bit as tranquilizing as the sea.
The tides have their own allure but the high peaks of green, green mountains in the spring and the reflections of those lush hills and valleys in lakes and ponds cast a mesmerizing spell over those fortunate enough to take in all the splendor.
The mountains remind us of just how small and infinitesimal we really are. They give us a new sense of proportion -- a sense of proportion that we dearly need.
We've had such a lovely time in the beautiful Berkshires over this period leading up to the holiday weekend.
We moved easily through three states -- Massachusetts (our home base for the trip) New York and Vermont.
We visited Williamstown, Hancock, Bennington, Albany, Lanesboro and other towns and villages along the way that barely show up on the map.
We were enthralled by the diversity of this area -- a place where you could be gazing at a Cezanne one minute and visiting an abandoned quarry the next. We found art, music, passive recreation and more high adventure activities.
In the days ahead I'll be running some photos from the trip (along with limited, selective commentary) and we hope you'll enjoy it.

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Bonnie Sashin said...

Sounds like a great trip, Dan. Looking forward to seeing your pics!