Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama Camp Worried About Stealth Christie Candidacy

The New York Post is out with an intriguing story today that says that the Obama Administration is so worried about a possible Chris Christie presidential run that Obama's campaign team has already begun to dig up dirt on Christie. In political circles the polite term for this is "opposition research."
The Post notes that Christie has said again and again that he will not run in 2012. Indeed, Christie has answered this question dozens of times and the answer has always been "no."
But the Post also says that top Republicans such as Henry Kissinger and Speaker of the House John Boehner keep urging Christie to run. And the newspaper presents a scenario under which Christie might actually run for president. Here's how it goes: Christie gets his pension reform plan adopted by the Democrat-controlled New Jersey state legislature and then Christie wins at least one house of the NJ legislature for the GOP this November. Then, he jumps into the national race.
But key Christie advisor Michael DuHaime says this ain't gonna happen. DuHamie says Christie isn't in the race and won't be in the race.
Yet, the one person who Christie seemed to be genuinely keen on for president -- Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels -- isn't running. So, if Christie doesn't run, who will he support? And, if there's no one in the race that is worthy of Christie's support, might that mean that Christie himself would run?
Until things are a bit more clear (at least in terms of the potential lineup of candidates) we'll just have to take Christie's word on it: He won't be a candidate for president.
That brings us back to Obama & Co.
All we can say about Obama and his team is they must be terribly concerned about Christie to be gearing up for a race against him already -- and digging up dirt on him. 
And, Obama and his allies must be awfully insecure as well.
We're sort of amused that the President and his brood would be so interested in Chris Christie -- and, apparently so worried.
Which leaves us with this message for our Favorite Governor: Keep doing what you're doing, Chris. Because, whatever it is your doing, you're doing the right thing.
Keep them worried.
Keep them on their toes.
Heighten their anxiety level.
Make them squirm.
You go, Gov!

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