Monday, May 23, 2011

Schwarzenegger: Always Stuck On Himself

Have you noticed that Schwarzenegger's mistress (and the mother of his child) looks a lot like Arnold himself?
Yeah, she looks a lot like Arnold, only with more girth and huge breasts.
She doesn't look like the fresh, peachy-skinned, well-toned younger Arnold that seduced America and seemed to win the hearts of so many.
Rather, she looks like an old, beat-up Arnold.
She looks like what Arnold is becoming and/or has become.
She looks crass and hard and rough and ballooned.
This is weird. Or, as Peggy Noonan has noted, it's "creepy."
But maybe it's not so weird. Maybe it all makes sense.
Look at it this way: Arnold was always really in love with himself.
So, he screwed himself. That's what egotistical men do. They eff themselves.
From his earliest days in the national spotlight (I'm talking way back to the movie "Pumping Iron" now) Arnold was always stuck on himself. It was always all about him. He was the beginning, middle and end of the story. It was obvious that he was hopelessly ego-driven and relentlessly calculating.
He didn't seem to very much care about anybody unless he or she could advance the Aspirations of Arnold. And, doubtless he used (and both figuratively and literally) screwed many people along the way.
This was (and apparently still is) a way of life for Schwarzenegger.
Of course, you might defend all of this and argue that "self love" is healthy. But there's nothing healthy about a self-centered infatuation with Me-Me-Me that has no real underpinnings and is fueled by insecurity.
There, I've said it: insecurity.
This man is insecure -- and fatally out of balance. He didn't live in the real world. Rather, he lived in a world of his own making where he was above all and infallible, indestructible, untouchable.
I suppose Arnold believed his own news releases. Hey, that a dangerous business, to say the least.
Like many many powerful (though nonetheless insecure) people Arnold intimidated others. And he surrounded himself with those who would enable his feeble fantasy.
Don't expect him to give up his ways anytime soon.
I suspect he's too far gone. I doubt that he's ever been in therapy and it's awfully late to start now.
You don't necessarily feel sorry for people like Arnold. He's well taken care of, materially anyway. He'll survive
So, don't feel sorry.
Rather, just stay away -- far, far away.

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