Sunday, May 15, 2011

Naked Runners: Video And Photos Of Wacky 'Race'

They call it Bay to Breakers.
And in San Francisco it's a Big Deal.
This morning, they did it for the 100th time. They ran, walked, paraded, pranced, danced, strutted and crawled along a more than seven-mile stretch across the city.
But some people like to call it Bare to Breakers.
That's because they chose to make the trek naked. And the city doesn't mind. No matter the costume -- or lack thereof -- everyone is welcome to parade his or her stuff.
In fact, in PelosiLand, they don't want you to parade drunk or otherwise misbehave (not on wheels, anyway) but if you want to strut butt naked, well -- go right ahead.
To view the video, click here.
To view photos, click here or here or here.
And here's an excerpt on the latest about this event from the Wall Street Journal:
If there's one thing people here seem to agree on, it's that nudity during an athletic event isn't a problem. But the city's tolerance for other forms of debauchery during Bay to Breakers, its annual cross-town footrace, has finally run out.
This Sunday, on the race's 100th anniversary, officials have banned inebriated and unregistered runners, as well as any wheeled objects. Those prohibitions wouldn't be controversial at most road races—but for many participants, Bay to Breakers has little to do with running and a lot to do with finding creative ways to transport alcohol for 7.5 miles.

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