Thursday, May 19, 2011

Capozzi Vows Fair Outcome; You Can Help!

Hear is a special message from Philadelphia 2nd District Council Candidate Barbara Capozzi:


The Second Council primary race is 'too close to call' with only a handful of votes separating me from my main opponent. The final results are not in yet and all legal measures will be taken to ensure that the Second Council District has the honest representation that it so deeply deserves. I am extremely proud of the honest, clean campaign that we and our many supporters waged. Your hard work and efforts have been truly inspirational during these last final moments before the decision is aired.

We are optimistic for a positive outcome, and have hired two attorneys to oversee the final vote count process including absentee ballot count. The final results may not be decided for at least another week. We are collecting information regarding any observations of irregularities at the polls. Please send an email of details, time, place and description of any abnormal activity you experienced in the 2nd District to

We are asking for your help to raise funds to see the campaign through to victory. We vow to continue to ensure a fair election process for the people of the Second District. Please consider donating online for the very last time, to see this through to a win!

Thank you for your support as always, and let's win this thing!

Barbara Capozzi 

We urge all of you to please join in the effort to help Barbara at this critical time. Click on the donate link above and/or e-mail Barbara (through the link above) with reports of any irregularities or abnormal activities that you or others may have witnessed. For the sake of our democracy and assurance of a fair outcome to this election, please enlist friends and neighbors now. Help Barbara in her effort to make democracy work!

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