Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finally: A Pizza That's Worth The Trip!

You don't have to go all the way to Arzona to get an Arizona pizza.
But you may have to journey tp Lanesboro, Massachusetts where the original Arizona Pizza sits tucked away along Cheshire Road in the beautiful Berkshires, not far from Bershire Mall.
This is where we found ourselves last night as we are vacationing nearby.
We picked Arizona Pizza for two reasons. First, we craved pizza -- REAL pizza. And second, were intrigued by the unlikely name and the look of the place. It looked cozy and inviting. Plus, as we got out of out car we could smell the wood from the wood burning fire that cooks the pizza. Mmmmmm!
We entered and we promptly ushered into a small, woodsy, quiet room behind the bar that featured soothing indirect lighting and personal TVs in intimate booths. Your choice: turn on the TV or enjoy quiet conversation.
Now, if you're thinking that you can get noveau-style pizza at a place named Arizona Pizza, you're correct. They do have pizza called Sun City Classic White, Hawaiian, Greek and The Kokopelli.
But they also have pizzas appropriately titled Meat Lovers, Cheese Steak, Grilled Chicken and Florentine.
So, yes -- they have "designer pizzas" here if you're so inclined. But they feature traditional pizza Pizza, as well -- the real stuff. And, you can design your own pizza and order it in personal ($5.49), 10 inch ($7.99) or 14 inch ($11.49) sizes.
And here's the real payoff: The pizza that you order will be fresh, crispy and delightful. It will be a pizza you will not forget. It will be cooked just as you want it with the ingredients and toppings that you want in the size you want and they won't overcharge you for it. Our pizzas were fragrant, bubbly, hot and tasty.
These pizzas are worth leaving home for, that's for sure.
But if you live nearby, Arizona Pizza also delivers.
On top of all that, Arizona Pizza also serves appetizers, wings, salads, wraps, pastas, burgers, strmboli, calzones, sandwiches, tacos and kids meals. But it's the pizza that you'll want to go for, especially if you've never been here before.
We've tasted pizzas all over the country (and in Italy as well) and we can tell you that this is among the best.
We're told that there are other Arizona Pizza outlets in Massachusetts and maybe one or two other states since the place has now been franchised. But this is where it all began and we can't imagine any of the other outlets topping this.
So, if you're ANYWHERE near the Bershires, get on over here.
Arizona Pizza, 660 Cheshire Rd., Lanesboro, Mass., 413-499-5562, Fax 413-499-5578, open seven days for lunch and dinner.

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