Monday, May 16, 2011

The REAL Reasons Why Trump Isn't Running

So, another prospective GOP presidential candidate says "no go."
Donald Trump isn't running.
This is not unusual for Trump. He's backed out before.
But this time Trump actually came thisclose to running. Word is he had even begun assembling a campaign apparatus and staff. And we actually thought that Trump might finally jump into the political waters.
But The Donald has demurred.
Here are the five big reasons why Trump isn't running:
1) Money. Trump's lucrative contract with NBC's  for his Apprentice franchise  would have ended with a presidential run. Trump has developed a real money-maker in the Apprentice series and -- even for Trump -- that's a lot to pass up.
2) Publicity. Trump got all the publicity and attention that he wanted when he teased all of us with a presidential run. He's a master of the hype. No one does it better. And Trump seized the spotlight once again. Mission accomplished.
3) Personal baggage. Trump's several marriages, celebrity-style personal life and his complicated finances would have come under intense scrutiny during any presidential bid. That's heavy baggage for any candidate, including Trump.
4) Personality. The personality of an obviously ego-driven, hard-charging businessman is not necessarily a good fit for a presidential candidacy and campaign. Trump can be unpredictable, abrasive, and relentlessly confrontational. As the polls began to show, this personality type usually does not wear well with voters.
5) Reality. Obama's riding high after the killing of Osama and Trump knows a formidable opponent when he sees one. The Donald only plays to win. And he knows how to make cold, calculated judgments about his future if that means staying on top of his own game. Translation: Trump doesn't like to lose.

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