Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kean: GOP Budget Discipline Shows Results

New Jersey State Senate Republican leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R- Union) says that the state's positive revenue outlook shows Republican budget discipline is getting results in the fight to repair state finances damaged during:
"With state finances in shambles, Republicans and Governor Christie led last year by offering a balanced, fiscally disciplined budget after the Democratic Majority abdicated their responsibility to govern," said Kean. "Today's improved revenue forecast shows that the decision to live within our means and hold the line on taxes is working. While our recovery is tenuous and we must remain cautious, the revised outlook is a welcome change from a decade of higher taxes, spending, and debt under total Democratic control of state government."
Kean urged caution to lawmakers who would view increased state revenues as a license to spend.
"Surplus revenues should not be viewed by Trenton politicians as an excuse to go back to the days of unchecked spending," he said. "While the picture painted today is better than the alternative, the numbers show that tax revenues in New Jersey are highly volatile. Democrat plans to increase taxes would be the equivalent of chopping down one's house for firewood- short term gain followed by long term misery as revenues flee the state. Republicans will continue to focus on meeting the state's obligations and living within our means, rather than frittering tax dollars away on special interests and bigger government."

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