Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Capozzi Election Challenge Advances; You Can Help!

Here is a special, very important message from Philadelphia's Second Council District candidate Barbara Capozzi:
Motivated by concerns of election day voter machine tampering, Second Council District Candidate Barbara Capozzi has petitioned the Court of Common Pleas to investigate irregularities. The candidate needed 20 affidavits from witnesses in order to submit to the Court, and well-exceeded that minimum with 31 accounts of ballot fraud.
Since the filing last week, additional witnesses have reached out and the campaign is keeping track of these accounts.
Capozzi continues to fight diligently to voice the concerns of the voters of the Second Council District. All of this action requires funding that wasn't anticipated as part of the regular election process.
Your contribution will help the campaigns continued efforts to bring accuracy and honesty to the voting process. Please consider making a donation today, to help us see this part of the process to the end and final decision!
Click here to donate.
We urge everyone to get involved in this effort and help insure that the final results of this election reflect the will of the people of Philadelphia's Second Council District!

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