Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Video: Christie On Why His Kids Attend Catholic School

Be careful when you ask New Jersey Governor Chris Christie a pointed question. Because you're gonna get it right back atcha.
The rising star of the GOP sat down with Piers Morgan for an hour last night, and the two discussed his tough talk regarding education in New Jersey. Morgan mentioned a critic who wondered why he sent his kids to private school, when he speaks in favor of public school. "That's none of her business," said Christie. "That's my choice, and my wife's choice. We happen to believe that a religious education is an important part of an overall education for our children...It's not a shot on the public schools. I'm a graduate of the public schools."
He went on to describe why the "liberal" comment bothered him.
Why is Christie doing all of these big, national interviews? Well, first because he really is a rising national political star. But I also suspect that Team Christie wants to keep the Big Guy feisty, ready and on his toes. They want the practice in the Big Spotlight as much as the exposure -- just in case a national opportunity presents itself. They also want to be prepared for the years ahead.
Remember: Christie was a successful trial lawyer and prosecutor. He learned to always be prepared. He's now not only a master of one-liners and quick soundbites but he's also thoroughly steeped in all of the facts, figures, laws and provisions he needs to know about to tackle the major public issues of the day.
And the Governor isn't simply appearing on national media. He also continues to hold town hall meetings in towns and cities throughout New Jersey where he's been remarkably attentive to his constituency and nonetheless quick on the uptake.
Note that when Morgan says "I can see the fire welling up inside you" and adds "that's the real Christie" the Governor is quick to correct his host: "That's just part of the real Christie," he explains.
The real Christie can be tough when he has to be but tender and caring as well.

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