Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Senator Urges Approval Of 'Strong Medicine'

Following full Senate passage of legislation aimed at restoring solvency and affordability to public employee pensions and benefits, New Jersey State Senator Jennifer Beck urged her Assembly colleagues to approve the measure at its Thursday, June 23rd voting session:
"This bill is strong medicine, but it is the right medicine for a state pension and benefits system in crisis," said Beck, who is a co-sponsor of the legislation (S-2937). "Simply put, the pension fund will go bankrupt and subject residents to ever higher taxes if we do not enact these reforms. We are beyond the point of assigning blame for the situation we find ourselves in, and must work together across party lines to ensure that these systems are preserved for employees at a cost taxpayers can afford. This bill provides $120 billion in tax relief to the most highly taxed people in America while still providing employees with quality healthcare and retirement security at an affordable price. It is fair to all parties involved, and I encourage my colleagues in the Assembly to take the final step in sending these important reforms to the Governor."

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