Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World's Cutest Dog, In Profile

So many of you keep asking us about the World's Cutest Dog.
And you always seem to enjoy seeing new photos of him.
Well, here he is in profile. As you can see, he's a healthy and happy fella.
And here's the thing: He's as charming as he is good-looking. He has a wonderful temperament. He's friendly, gentle and playful but also strong and determined.
He is a Lancashire Heeler, a relatively rare breed of dog that falls under the pastoral group with hearding and terrier instincts. They are the smallest of the herding breed.
The name "heeler" comes from this dog's herding instinct. These heelers have worked on farms, herding cattle and sheep. In England, they were used in the past to drive cattle to slaughter houses. They can also use their their hunting instincts to catch mice, rats and rabbits.
They have become increasingly common as pet dogs and some have even become successful show dog.
But there aren't many Lancashire Heelers and they are still considered a vulnerable breed.
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