Thursday, June 16, 2011

Report: Phillies Pitcher Outed As Penurious

Our buddy Dan Gross (who's also one of our Phavorite Philly columnists) got the scoop on Phillies pitcher Wilson Valdez and it ain't good.
Yo, Philly celebrities and sports stars: Dan's got spies everywhere, so watch what you're sayin, doin and tippin.
Here's a snippet from Dan's column:

Phillies infielder and one-time pitcher Wilson Valdez is making $560,000 this year but tipped only 50 cents on two drinks he paid for with a $100 bill for him and a pal just before last call at Time (1315 Sansom) after last Thursday's late-ending game against the Cubs.
Read more from Dan's column in Thursday's Daily News.

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