Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crunch Time: Team Obama Getting Testy

The word from inside the Beltway is that Mr. Cool & Co. are starting to sweat.
And, they're getting testy.
Ohhh, yeah . . . economic numbers and prospects are apparently not going to be what Team Obama thought they would be. This is not the kind of climate they thought they'd be facing as they move into 2012 campaign mode.
It doesn't look good, folks.
Here's an excerpt from the National Journal:
It’s been a rough June for the White House. Instead of being able to run a campaign taking credit for economic improvement, President Obama will, according to the latest forecasts, be trying to win four more years amid a grim economy next year. The president’s reelection team, once hoping to run on a “Morning in America” theme now doesn’t have that luxury.  No wonder, the president’s advisers over the past month have been making moves that suggest they’re awfully concerned about his prospects.
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