Friday, June 24, 2011

Christie To NJ Dems: Stop Playing Budget Games

Today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie released the following statement:

“The proposed budget from the Democrats is just more of the same unrealistic, pie in the sky, fantasy budgeting they brought to New Jersey for the eight years before we arrived. Instead of continuing to put New Jersey on strong fiscal footing, this proposal reaffirms the Democrats’ commitment to job-killing tax increases and an unrepentant addiction to spending. New Jerseyans are the most over-taxed citizens in America and they want us to reduce spending and make government smaller. This proposal only serves to denigrate all of the hard choices made over the last year that broke from decades of state government spending money that just doesn’t exist.

“New Jerseyans know better and aren’t going to fall for the same spend at any cost mentality that got us into a fiscal mess in the first place.”

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