Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In Philly & NJ: Hear The Call, Get Involved!

Here is a special message from the Independence Hall Tea Party Association:

We have a chance for more success in both Harrisburg and Trenton before the close of the legislative session, June 30.
If you do nothing else today, please do the following:
If you live in PA, please call your State Senator and tell him/her to pass the Voter ID Bill (HB 934) and the EITC Scholarship Bill (HB 1330). Click on the link below to find your Senator.

In you live in NJ, please call Governor Christie's office and ask him to veto S2946, a NJ Cap and Trade (Cap and Tax) Bill that passed the State Senate earlier this week by the narrow margin of 21-19.

Call Governor Christie @ 609.292.6000.

Also, President Obama will be in Philly this Thursday, June 30.
We will hold a 2 PM Fire Obama Press Conference in response.
If you attend, please bring signs that say 'More jobs, Less Spending' or 'Drill, Baby, Drill' or 'Drill More, Spend Less' or 'Obama, a one termer.'

Fire Obama Press Conference
When:  Thursday, June 30, 2 PM
Where:  Outside Bellevue Hotel, 200 South Broad Street, Philadelphia

Obama is expected to arrive around 3 PM.
Finally, don't forget about our 2011 Energy Independence Day Tea Party with Ambassador Bolton and Herman Cain on July 4th. Please note, reservations are required for the Ambassador luncheon and After Party.

Hope to see you soon!
On behalf of the Association Board of Directors,
Teri Adams, President

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