Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When A Racist Isn't A Racist

Great commentary at Fox News from Bernard Goldberg. Here's an excerpt:
Let’s say a white guy goes on television, puts on an exaggerated "Amos ‘n Andy" “black voice” and proceeds to make fun of a black man whose politics the white guy doesn’t like. Actually, let’s say he goes beyond merely making fun of the black man. Let’s say he tries to make the black man sound downright stupid. Does that make the white guy a racist?
The correct answer is … it depends.
If the white guy is Rush Limbaugh and the black man is Barack Obama. Then of course the white guy is a racist – according to liberals.
But if the white guy is Jon Stewart and the black man is Herman Cain, the conservative businessman seeking the Republican nomination for president, well, then, that’s another story.
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