Monday, June 27, 2011

Chris Christie Reveals His Big, Fat, Closeted Secret

We know that New Jersey's Governor has said it a million times: He's not running for President in 2012. No way.
And we believe Chris Christie when he says it.
We take him at his word.
But what if Chris Christie does decide to run someday? What if?
If and when that day comes and the media decide to shine a white hot light on him, what will they find? If they look into his closets and beneath the rugs and under his bed, what will they find?
Well, that's exactly the question that Don Imus decided to ask Chris Christie this morning.Imus wanted to know: "What are you holding back? What will they find?"
And here's how Chris Chritie answered: “You know what Don, you’re the only guy I can share this with, I’m fat. If they put the bright light on me I’m going to sweat.”

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