Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Biggest Month Ever - From All Over The World!

The month just ending has been the biggest month EVER for the Dan Cirucci blog.
Already, we've welcomed nearly 20,000 visitors and have logged nearly 30,000 page views.
And people are visiting from all over the world to watch, to enjoy and to follow what we have to say and report.
So, we've welcomed not only visitors from every corner of the USA but also visitors from Estonia, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Spain,  Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Cameroon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Croatia, Costa Rica and Norway.
Our goal was to log 300,000 visits by the end of this year. We've already exceeded that by 15,000 -- and the year ain't over yet.
Thank you -- and hang around as we ring in the New Year with many delightful surprises!

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