Sunday, December 18, 2011

The World's Most Unusual Christmas Trees

Cancer survivors and remembrance tree.

Native Anerican tree.

The Krispy Kreme doughnut Christmas tree.

The home improvement tree, complete with paint brushes.

Lovable critters tree -- complete with dogs, cats and other animals.

A tree made of recycled objects.

Top three photos show the complete wonderland of trees. Beautiful!
What about a Harley Christmas tree? Or a tree decorated exclusively with native American artifacts? Or a "home improvement" Christmas tree complete with yellow warning tape and paint brushes? Or how about a critter Christmas tree, complete with dogs, cats and other pets? Maybe you want an oenophile's Christmas tree festooned with wine glasses, corks, etc. Or a Krispy Kreme doughnut tree laden with a variety of the sweet treats. Mmmmm!
These are just some of the trees you will find at an unusual tree festival that boasts the world's most distinctive Christmas trees.
Yesterday, during our time in beautiful Bucks County, we visited the Sixth Annual Holiday Tree Fest at the Bucks County Visitor Center on Street Road in front of Parx Casino just a few miles west of I-95.
Here you will find 25 different trees in an enchanted setting within the high-beamed and rustic Visitor Center.
The trees have been decorated by local businesses and community and charitable groups and each tree has its own theme. And, you can view all of the trees close up and even vote for your favorite.
The Tree Fest continues through January 7.
This is one of the finest and most delightful attractions this holiday season and it's completely free.
Hurry on over!
All photos copyright 2011 by Dan Cirucci.


Sean Schafer said...

My office is located in the center. Hope all is well.

Dan Cirucci said...

Well, yes -- I saw that The Senator has an office there. Now that I know where you work, I'm gonna stop by to see you. We'll do lunch.