Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christie Could Teach Romney A Thing Or Two

It has happened again. And again.
First Mitt Romney got snagged on whether or not he fully supports Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s pension and benefit reforms for state workers. Romney initially described this as a state matter and opted for a hands-off approach. The next day he apologized for the “misunderstanding” and said he supports Kasich’s plan 110 percent.
Then, Romney backtracked on global warming, reversing earlier comments that human activity contributed to climate change. Now, he says “we don’t know what’s causing climate change.”
These shifts, clarifications and re-explanations have Democrats gleeful while Republicans worry that the one candidate who seems to have the stamina to defeat Barack Obama will wind up like John Kerry, branded as the proverbial flip-flopper.
Hey, I was there at the 2004 Republican convention when GOP delegates waved giant flip-flops every time Kerry was mentioned. It worked.
What’s Romney to do?
Well, he could start by taking a page 
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Josh said...

I'm totally with you on this, but I'm not sure I would say Romney has the "stamina" to seriously threaten Obama. He has the fundraising prowess and perception of credibility on fixing businesses to challenge Obama. But part of stamina, at least as how I define it, is the ability to fend off opposition attacks and deal with the other challenges that arise in a campaign of this magnitude. And the jury is still out on that.

Romney has shown stamina so far, but he hasn't exactly been going against stiff competition, and the other GOP candidates took care of a lot of Romney's dirty work for him. He won't have that luxury against Obama in the general election. And I think you'll agree that Obama, even with all of his liabilities, will be a very formidable adversary.

Dan Cirucci said...

Perceptive, as always.
Obama WILL be formidable.
But the GOP will unite behind Romney and he will have good people around him. Plus, I'm convinced he will pick the right running mate.
And one other thing: Romney's heart is in this. He wants to do this because he truly believes he can make a difference; that he can help our nation. And Ann Romney feels the same way. In fact, the entire Romney clan is on the team and that means everything to Mitt.
Read the De Moines Register endorsement of Romney. It makes a lot of sense.
I believe that Romney's time has arrived and, even with the dominant media solidly aligned with Obama, he can still win. In fact, I betting he WILL win.
BTW: Reagan was counted out at this point in '79.