Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Biggie! Boston Herald Endorses Romney

The Boston Herald has endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination for President. Here's an excerpt from their endorsement:
This is no longer a parlor game. Beginning Jan. 3 in Iowa this is very real indeed.
And there is only one candidate in the Republican field with the integrity, the experience, the organizational strength and the intelligence to beat Barack Obama and that man is Mitt Romney.
But perhaps more to the point, there is only one candidate who can put this nation back on the path to fiscal sanity and restore it to its central role on the world stage. That candidate is Mitt Romney. . . .
Romney’s appeal at the national level is what it has always been here — he’s a tough, no nonsense CEO who wants to bring a sense of trust back to government. And he can attract to his candidacy that growing number of independent voters who will ultimately decide the presidency in November just as he did when he successfully ran for governor in this bluest of blue states.
Mitt Romney can get the job done — the job of running for president and the job of governing. And the Herald is pleased to endorse his candidacy.
Click here to read the full endorsement.


Josh said...

And yet if you look at polls, conservatives continue to be lukewarm at best about Romney. So will those conservatives hold their noses and support the guy? Will they be enthusiastic enough about him to show up at the polls next November? And will Romney feel pressured to make a reach of a VP choice to get conservatives excited about his campaign?

Dan Cirucci said...

The short answers to your three questions are yes, yes and maybe.