Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Special Message For Cyclists: Philly Critical Mass

Here is a special message from Philly Critical Mass organizer Lowell Smoger:

Critical Mass is coming back: THIS FRIDAY 5:30pm
Ride will leave CITY HALL at 6PM.

Attention Philadelphia bike riders of all kinds, and I do mean ALL KINDS. We are going to BRING CRITICAL MASS BACK TO PHILADELPHIA. The Critical Mass event in Philly seems have fallen on its face in the recent past and now that face needs a lift.
We are introducing this December's CM with a theme, "NEIGHBORHOOD RIDE." The plan is to travel from City Hall to various neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Below is a list of places that we would like to visit but we NEED YOUR HELP.
CM Neighborhood Ride needs PEOPLE FROM ALL NEIGHBORHOODS to join in the ride. As we enter your hood, ban together with your neighbors at the front of the mass and LEAD US THROUGH YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.
So what if you already know all the neighborhoods by heart, this is about riding bikes and riding bikes with FRIENDS! Come with old ones and make some new ones to make biking in Philadelphia a better experience.
Not part of a Philly neighborhood but still want to join? Damn right you're welcome! Critical Mass is meant to BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER, no matter where they're from. It's meant to encourage a SHARED STREET SOCIETY and what better way to do this than while the rest of the world does it too!
So what if it's already dark at 5:30?! It might be night but it'll still be light! It's PHILADELPHIA FOR PETE'S SAKE!
Ride will leave CITY HALL at 6PM.
The Neighborhood Ride would like to visit:
1) Center City/Museum District
2) Northeast - Fishtown & N. Liberties
3) Kensington & Port Richmond
4) West Philly - University City
5) South Philly - Bella Vista & Grays Ferry
Check out the fb group for more info: http://www.facebook.com/events/330937716923393/

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