Sunday, December 18, 2011

Video: SC Gov. Niki Haley Endorses Romney!

Niki Haley, the Governor of my beloved adopted home state of South Carolina, has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Now, my own home-state Governor Chris Christie has endorsed Romney and my adopted (summer) home-state Governor Niki Haley has done the same.
Can you understand why I LOVE these two governors and these two states?
Here's what Governor Haley has to say:

Our country will need real leadership to undo President Obama’s failed policies, and replace them with the conservative principles Mitt Romney learned turning around businesses and a failing Olympics and successfully, conservatively governing a Democratic state. I am proud to endorse him and will work my hardest to ensure he is elected so we can turn around our country.
Governor Haley stands with Mitt.
Governor Christie stands with Mitt.
Will you?
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