Friday, December 23, 2011

Report: Philly Judge Booted For Photo Of Genitals

First, you have to understand that Pennsylvania elects all of its judges -- all of the judges  from the lowliest Traffic Court right on up to the State Supreme Court.
Then, you must digest the fact that Philadelphia has been governed under solid one-party rule for six decades. Which means that the judges in Philly aren't so much elected as they are hand-picked by the bosses of the entrenched Democrat regime.
Once you know all that, the following story may not come as a surprise: A Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge who was "elected" to the bench after he himself amassed $11,500 in traffic fines has now been removed from his $85,000-a-year post because he allegedly showed a photo of his genitals to a female court worker. After the employee filed a sexual harassment complaint, the judge allegedly confronted her in an attempt to get her to withdraw the complaint.
BTW: This same 29-year-old judge (who isn't even a lawyer) was filmed before his election suggesting that those who gave money to his campaign would get favorable treatment in his court.
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