Friday, December 16, 2011

Video: Motion Picture Greats Lost In 2011

It isn't until you look back on the year that you realize what we've lost.
So many Hollywood greats -- so many motion-picture giants from all over the world, really -- who passed away over the course of this year.
They make up a galaxy of stars -- actors, directors, screenwriters and many other artists.
Of course, their work lives on. That's the magic of motion pictures. The stars are granted a sort of celluloid immortality. Their rich legacy now inspires others.
And even in the digital age, all over the world countless movies flicker in theaters everywhere.
Somewhere -- out there in the dark -- the audience still awaits the images, the stories, the plot turns, the sensations, the surprises and the stars.
But for now, courtesy of Turner Classic Movies, we pause to remember. And to say "Adieu!"

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