Friday, December 30, 2011

Video: Christie For VP? He Won't Rule It Out

Speaking in Iowa, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie refuses to completely rule out being Mitt Romney's running mate. Why? Christie says it would be "impolite" to turn down something or someone without being asked in the first place. The Governor can't imagine that he'll be asked to be the Veep and he loves his current job and loves New Jersey, but he won;t close the door to an opportunity that hasn't yet arrived.
Good call, Gov.
BTW: Christie says "don't bet on" his being Romney's choice. My bet: Christie will at least make Romney's short list of VP choices.

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Josh said...

For all of Christie's strengths, I'm not sure he'd add much to a Romney ticket. Ideally, you'd like the VP choice to add something really unique to the ticket. Biden added white blue-collar voter appeal to Obama, Dick Cheney added foreign policy and defense expertise to George W. Bush, Al Gore added Washington know-how to small state Governor Bill Clinton, Dan Quayle added social conservative appeal to George H.W. Bush...that kind of thing. As another white, middle-aged male Northeast state governor (or ex-governor), Chris Christie wouldn't really add anything unique to Romney's ticket. A Newt Gingrich ticket or even a Rick Perry ticket, yes. But not Romney.

I think Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell would, as a Southern governor, add a little something different. Even better VP choices for Romney would be Sen. Marco Rubio (hispanic, only 41 years old and from a battleground state) or Gov. Bobby Jindal (also a minority and only 41 years old, plus both an accomplished state governor and someone who knows Washington).