Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Insiders Say Obama/Clinton '12 Is A Done Deal

For months our sources in Washington have been telling us that the Democratic ticket in 2012 will be Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
They say it's a done deal.
And they also say this is what Democrats want. It's what they need. It's what they dream of and yearn for.
Just a few weeks ago I told a liberal Democrat (that's a redundancy) friend that this is what I expect. It's the only way to assure victory. And Obama's not in the business of losing. This is his life, his legacy, his mammoth ego in play here.
Obama likes being The King. And if he has to call on some Big Time Help, he will.
And Hillary is certainly Big Time. No question about that.
Hillary Clinton's popularity now exceeds Obama's. She's the most admired woman in America -- indeed, she's one of the most admired women in the world.
Some people think this has been the plan all along -- that assurance was given to Hillary that she would take the number two spot in 2012 when she agreed to join Obama's cabinet in 2008. That was the quid pro quo. And, after all this would be her path to the presidency in 2016. It fits together very nicely.
But what about Joe Biden?
Well, what about him?
You don't really think Barack or Michelle Obama would ever lose even one minute of sleep over Biden and his future, do you? Obama is coldly calculating. Mr. Cool has ice water in his veins. He'll do what he has to do to win. He's thrown more than a few people under the bus already in his relentless path to power.
So, Biden can and will be given a graceful exit if necessary. He hasn't been a shining asset to the team in any event. He's served his purpose and nobody (especially the Clintons) want him around in 2012 getting in the way of a clear return to the throne by Bubba & Company.
The word is that Hillary on the ticket will reawaken and energize the party like no one else.
Yes, she says no. And yes, Obama says he's sticking with Biden. And yes, Biden has even talked about running for the top post himself in 2016.
But don't believe any of it.
Because people who know about these things tell me that all the pieces are in place to create the Democrat Dream Ticket of the Century.
Stay tuned. . . . . but I'm telling Republicans to expect this; prepare for it.

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