Friday, April 27, 2012

The Big, Fat Cat Who Bankrolls Obama

Have you heard about the Big Fat Cat who bankrolls Obama and Obamaville?
No I'm not talking about Mr. Leftist Rainmaker George Soros.
And I'm not talking about those Hollywood types like George Clonney, Tom Hanks and others who seem to be able to drop by the White House anytime they please.
Nor am I talking about the well-heeled gang at Goldman Sachs who are there whenever Obama seems to need a new infusion of dough.
Sure, all of these types have donated zillions to Obama's projected (and unprecedented) one billion dollar campaign fund.
No, I'm talking about the Boss of the Swiss Financial Giant known as UBS.
This guy is the key executive of the largest Swiss bank in the world.
His name is Robert Wolf and he's not only a big-time Obama cash bundler but he's also one of the president's favorite golfing buddies and a go-to chum.
As you might expect, he doesn't like to have his name bandied about but these kinds of things happen when you bundle more than half a million dollars for the president's re-election campaign. And, we're still in the early stages of fund raising.
And yes, there is a Soros connection. Obama and Wolf first met in 2006 in a conference room owned by Soros. Ain't that sweet?
Anyway, Obama eagerly courted Wolf from then on and it turned out to be a marriage made in bromance heaven. Wolf raised more than half a million dollars for Obama's 2008 campaign and then UBS gave an additional $532,000 to Obama's first presidential campaign.
Wolf said he simply found Obama's "rock star status" to be "very exciting." See, it was just an innocent crush.
Of course, upon taking office Obama appointed Wolf to his Economic Recovery Advisory Board which meant that Wolf played a role in helping to craft the controversial $787 billion stimulus package -- the stimulus that never stimulated.
Shortly after Wolf was appointed UBS admitted to conspiring to defraud the IRS and agreed to pay $760 million to ward off a federal probe into its activities.
Then, Wolf got named to the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Your remember those quaint notions: more jobs and more competition? Once upon a time those words really meant something.
Oh, and this too: Wolf has personally contributed almost $200,000 to Democratic candidates and committees since 2007, including at least $9,100 to Obama and more than $115,000 to the Democratic National Committee. And recently Wolf hosted a $35,800 per-plate dinner for Obama in Manhattan.
All this while Obama rails against monied, vested interests and attempts to present himself as a man of the people. Oh, yeahhh . . .

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