Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exclusive: Obama's 'Internals' Are Dismal

This is about President Obama's internals.
No, we're not talking about his medical condition or his current state of health. And even if we wanted to talk about that, we wouldn't be able to because Obama has never released his complete medical history or records.
Anyway, that's for another day and another post.
What we're talking about here are his internal poll numbers.
And we've been told by more than one person that the Obama campaign is in a state of near apoplexy because the president's internals look bad -- real bad.
In polling, the internals are a campaign's own polls -- the surveys that the campaign itself conducts to find out how its candidate is doing at any one time. Campaigns usually don't like to talk about their own polls (their internals) because the information gathered from these pols helps the campaign plan strategy and determine which issues to stress, which course to take and even what to say and how to say it. If they start revealing this information then it could tip off their opponents regarding future tactics and initiatives.
And campaigns are particularly reluctant to talk about internals that don't look good for their candidate.
Well, our sources tell us that the Obama internals show the president failing.
And the president's team is worried -- very worried.
People who are in a  position to know tell us that this November's election could be a rerun of the Reagan-Carter matchup of 1960.
Everybody said that it would be hard to beat the incumbent Carter. And, to be sure -- it wasn't easy. But even though the media kept predicting a very close race it turned out quite differently.
Reagan won handily. He swamped Carter.
Back to 2012: Some people now feel that Obama may be facing a similar scenario. They foresee a Romney win by anywhere from three to six percentage points -- maybe even seven.
And they say that this is borne out in some internal polls. They tell us that the polls show a clear trend and the trend is not good for Obama.
Now, I'm not saying the election's over. Not by a long shot.
And I'm not saying that Obama and the Democrats are going to concede anything. No way.
This will be a long, grueling, nasty campaign. And Obama & Co. will say and/or do anything to win. Anything.
But -- lest you feel in the least bit wary or even discouraged (or lest you begin to believe the conventional Big Media line about Obama's invincibility) I want you to know about these reports on these internal figures.
Know that Romney is well-positioned right now. People are not happy with Obama. And Romney's a very strong candidate -- and very ready to win this thing.

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