Friday, April 13, 2012

A War On Woman? Yes, From The Left . . .

The great Christine Flowers has indeed detected a "war on women" but she perceptively sees it coming from the left and not the right.
Here's an excerpt from Christine's latest post:
After weeks of poo-poohing the idea of a ‘war on women,’ I’ve had a change of heart.
There is indeed a war. And it’s being waged from the left flank.
By now, anyone not attached to life support has heard what Hilary Rosen said about the GOP front-runner’s wife: “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life.”
The moment those words exited from her smug and supercilious mug, Rosen realized what she’d done. She’d just shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand. She’d bombed Pearl Harbor. Or, to reduce it to terms any feminist could understand, she’d launched her own Teat Offensive. 
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