Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Last Night's Stark Contrast: Romney vs Obama

Last night provided one of the sharpest contrasts between two candidates that I've ever seen -- two different men, two styles of leadership, two approaches to America, the world and its problems.
While Mitt Romney spoke intelligently and soberly of the difficult problems facing America, President Obama clowned around on a late night comedy show.
While Romney relayed the stories of real Americans struggling to make ends meet, Obama burnished his image as a celebrated wunderkind -- the super-cool-cat with few cares and fewer concerns.
While Romney laid our a clear vision for America and sought to challenge and inspire his fellow citizens Obama played it all for laughs, with a touch of irony and ennui thrown in for good measure.
Look at the contrast.
It's all there for you to see.
The choice couldn't be more clear.

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