Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is It True? Will Men FINALLY Outlive Women?

Maybe you remember the famous line from the movie, Moonstruck.
The question was: "Why do men cheat?" And someone shot back the prefect (and quite obvious) answer: "Because they're gonna die."
And yes, men are keenly aware of their own mortality even if they don't always act that way.
They know their days are numbered -- and they know that they have far fewer days to enjoy life on earth than their female counterparts.
It happens over and over again: The women outlive the men. Just drop by what used to be called an "old-age home" (now more commonly known as assisted living) and compare the number of women to the number of men -- that is, if you can find any men there at all.
Men just don't survive nearly as long as women.
Now, however that may be changing.
Researchers say that in terms of life expectancy, today's young men are finally catching up to women. And for the first time there's hope that men may even surpass women in this category
In 1970, a man aged 30 was expected to die 5.7 years before a woman of the same age - the widest gap since records began in 1841.
But all that is changing. Consider this: Once boys born in 2000 reach the age of 30, they can expect to match girls of the same age by living to 87.1. And researchers are now predicting that younger males will then go on to surpass the life spans of their female counterparts.
Because the era of the reckless, go-for-broke, indulgent, macho male seems to be over. Men are living healthier lives. They're not only more cautious but they're also not working in occupations that demand so much of them physically.
At the same time, women are taking up many of the duties and assignments that used to be exclusively male.
These changes have been noted in England, Sweden, France and other western countries. And in India, the gap has already shrunk to just one year.
Of course, if you are male and you were born before 2000, you're not quite as lucky. The older you are (beyond the age of 12) the less likely you are to live as long as the woman (or women) in your life.
Which brings us back to the original question: Why do men cheat? 

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