Friday, April 13, 2012

Jeb Bush: Obama Focus On Trade Is Too Late

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush yesterday made the following statement on President Obama’s visit to Florida:
“President Obama’s recent decision to focus on trade – a vital component of Florida’s economy – comes three years too late. President Obama missed several opportunities early in his administration to secure quick passage of trade agreements with Colombia and Panama which together will create thousands of jobs here in Florida.
“Instead, President Obama bowed to political pressure from powerful labor unions to stall these agreements. While President Obama played politics, Floridians suffered, and the U.S. lost $1 billion in agricultural exports to Colombia alone.
“Being President means making important choices each day that have real consequences for the American people. President Obama’s trade inaction and political calculations are part of a broader pattern of economic failures for this president that have resulted in real pain for Floridians and Americans throughout this great country.”

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