Saturday, April 28, 2012

Women Bear Brunt Of Failed Obama Economy

Nearly four years after first appearing at the DNC’s women’s issues conference, President Obama is back to offer the same empty rhetoric and broken promises. After more than three years of the President’s failed economic policies and nearly a million more unemployed women workers, women voters – like all Americans – realize we can’t afford four more years of President Obama

By now, women should know better

Candidate Obama At The 2008 Women’s Issues Forum: “More And More People Can’t Make Their Mortgages Or Fill Up Their Gas Tanks Or Save For College Or Retirement.” OBAMA: “And I know that as we face this global economic crisis more and more people are being pushed right to the edge. Businesses are struggling. Many small businesses, women-owned businesses, are going to have difficulty getting credit, difficulty keeping up inventories. Many are laying off workers or closing their doors. More and more people can’t make their mortgages or fill up their gas tanks or save for college or retirement.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks, Chicago, IL, 10/11/08)

How Have Women Fared In The Obama Economy? Nearly A Million More Women Are Unemployed:

Working Women Represent More Than 92% Of The 740,000 Jobs Lost Since President Obama Took Office. “The figure comes from a Bureau of Labor Statistics report that says there are 740,000 few non-farm payroll jobs since Obama took office in 2009, and that 683,000 women lost jobs in that same time frame.” (Jonathan Easley, “Romney: The War On Women Has Been Waged By Obama's Economic Policies,” The Hill, 4/10/12)

Women In The Private Sector Have Fared Even Worse Under President Obama—Representing 150% Of Private Sector Job Losses Since January 2009. Since January 2009, the country has lost a total of 161,000 private sector jobs. Female private sector jobs account for 242,000 of the jobs lost. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website,, Accessed 4/11/12)

The Unemployment Rate Among Women Has Increased From 7.0% In January 2009 To 8.1% In March 2012. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website,, Accessed 4/11/12)

Under President Obama, The Number Of Unemployed Women Has Increased By 858,000.  (Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website,, Accessed 4/11/12)

According To A Pew Research Study, “Women Are The Only Group For Whom Employment Growth Lagged Behind Population Growth From 2009 To 2011.” “Out of all the groups represented in Pew's survey — including blacks, whites, Hispanics and Asians — women are the only group for whom employment growth lagged behind population growth from 2009 to 2011.” (Vicki Needham, “Slower Jobs Growth For Women Voters Could Cost Obama In Election,” The Hill, 3/25/12)

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